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Challenges Facing Mankind

  • Responsibility is an inherent aspect of any relationship in which human beings are involved. This capacity to act responsibly in a conscious, independent, unique and personal manner is an inalienable creative quality of every human being. There is no limit to its scope or depth other than that established by each person for himself. The more activities human beings take on and become involved in, the more they will grow and derive strength.

  • Of all living creatures, human beings have the unique capacity to decide consciously whether they are protecting or harming the quality and conditions of life on Earth.  In reflecting on the fact that they belong to the natural world and occupy a special position as participants in the evolution of natural processes, people can develop, on the basis of selflessness, compassion and love, a sense of universal responsibility towards the world as an integral whole, for the protection of nature and the promotion of the highest and common good.

  •  At this time in history, there are many critical human rights and environmental issues facing the mankind.  In directing their actions towards the attainment of progress in the society, human beings have frequently forgotten the inherent role they play in the natural world and the indivisible human family, and their basic needs for a healthy life.  Excessive consumption, abuse of the environment and aggression between peoples have brought the natural processes of the Earth to a critical stage which threatens their survival.  By reflecting on these issues, individuals will be capable of discerning their responsibility and thus reorienting their conduct towards peace and sustainable development.